joseph brindley.

About me.

I was born in Western Kentucky to a homemaker-turned-bookkeeper and a tire-builder, after they decided one child wasn’t enough of a hassle. I learned to read early, and writing wasn’t far behind. My older sister was a distinct advantage; she taught me things four years ahead of where I was “supposed” to be. I was writing in cursive in Kindergarten, and I wrote my first “book” in second grade. During my high school years, I was the top tenor in the state, and I had my eyes locked on a future in music. Times changed, though, and so did I, and my focus shifted back to where it had all began – writing.

For my “day job,” I fell into IT years ago. I’ve always been good with computers, even without formal training. Maybe it’s the way my brain is wired; maybe it’s my approach to life as a whole. Networking has an element of both creative and clinical that appeal to me.

I was working at my day job, in fact, when I got the news my mother had cancer.

When I got the news that my father had cancer, I shouldn’t say it was easier – it wasn’t. It was different and hard and unfair. We were oil and water for so many years – we couldn’t be in the same room with each other without “an incident.” But with time comes perspective – he was still my father, and I still wept at his funeral, just like I had at my mother’s.

Currently, I live in the southern United States. I love the musty smell of old books, bourbon, and vintage typewriters. I laugh too hard at jokes, mostly at the most inappropriate times. I verb nouns too much (“Hold on, I’m computering.”), I drink too much coffee (or not enough, I would argue), and my only adult vacation has been a train tour of the western United States for a solid week. I rearrange my furniture too much; I’m acrophobic and aquaphobic. Not a big fan of people as a general rule, especially when they come in large groups. That said, I’m not entirely anti-social – I’m just very selective with who I spend my time with. I write various forms of fiction, both under my own name and other pseudonyms. A couple pieces won an award or two, even, so that’s a thing.

Whatever else I have been or will become, I am a writer.

Also, I like cats.

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